Deacons Ministry

Chairman Deacon: William Sanders

Mission Statement: It is our responsibility to attend to the needs of the members of the church, as it relates to the spiritual and the temporal needs that may arise. As Deacons, we are an extension of the Pastor. We minister to the congregation as his representatives in matters that will further the growth of the individual member and the corporate body. We are passionate about developing a more Christ-like congregation and are committed to the standard of ministry proclaimed by the written and preached Word of God.

Each Deacon has 3 Tribes that coincide with the month of each member's birth.  Each member is asked to contact their Deacon in the case of sickness, death, prayer or any other spiritual need.  

Ward I Deacon John Vereen  Contact: (843) 756-2831
  January Tribe of Asher
  February  Tribe of Benjamin
  March Tribe of Dan
Ward II Deacon William Sanders Contact: (843) 756-1848
  April Tribe of Gad
  May Tribe of Issachar
  June Tribe of Joseph 
Ward III Deacon Herbert Melvin Contact: (843) 877-2165
  July Tribe of Judah
  August Tribe of Levi
  September Tribe of Naphtali 
Ward IV Deacon Fabian Kendle  Contact: (843) 461-6570
  October Tribe of Reuben
  November Tribe of Simeon
  December Tribe of Zebulon